Revised IRC Schedule

Yo dudes. Revised schedule for your IRC chats is below. A couple have had time changes to accommodate schedule requests, so please double check your time slot. Mentors: These chats are mainly to get the students in front of and interacting with the community sooner rather than later. If you are unable to attend your student’s chat, just be sure to check the irc logs later to catch up.

Tuesday 17:00 UTC:
Anirudh S. (Refresh Android UI) – Dan Roundhill, Isaac
Mert Yazicioglu (WordPress Move) – Pete Mall, Brian Layman
Wojtek Szutnik (Enhanced Emails) – Aaron Campbell, Justin

Wednesday 14:00 UTC:
David Julia (Template Versioning) – Ocean90, Nacin, Koop
Jakub Tyrcha (Full-throttle Trac Annihilation) – Dion, duck_, scribu, Nacin
Marko Novakovic (Language Packs) – Nacin, Nikolay

Thursday 17:00 UTC:
Jacob Gillespie (File uploader Upgrade) – Koop, azaozz
Lukasz Koprowski (Threaded comments) – Westi, Koop
Mihai Chereji (Local Storage Drafts backup) – Filosofo, mitcho, azaozz and Koop

Friday 17:00 UTC:
Ben Balter (Document Revisions) – Mitcho, duck_, Jorbin
Prasath Nadarajah (Extending WP Webservices) – Thorsten, Eric Mann
Stas Suscov ( – Jtrip, Jeremy Boggs

If any issues with revised times, let us know.