I shared my proof-of-concept mockup with my mentors this week and have been getting lots of great feedback on my approach. As a result, I have been further refining things both on a conceptual and a technical level.

I’ve also been talking the project up a lot, and have heard nothing but positive feedback from folks. People in the community seem genuinely excited by the prospect of bringing WordPress’s rock-solid reputation to the world of document management and collaboration, and I never realized the project’s widespread applicability.

I’ve included a brief wireframe above, which hopefully can better express where I hope the project would go, but more importantly, I would love your feedback. The idea would be to have a revision log, similar to what many of us are used to seeing in Trac, and a quick metabox with the link to download the latest version or upload a new one. Otherwise, should be nearly identical to the experience of authoring a post or page. Thoughts?