Students and mentors, please find below a draft schedule for your IRC chats. All chats will be scheduled for 17:00 UTC; if you are unable to attend a chat at this time or on your scheduled day, please leave a comment on this post by Saturday 22:00 UTC so we can revise the schedule over the weekend to publish it by Monday.

Chat windows will be one hour and will include three students. They’ll be held at #wordpress-gsoc, just like the pre-selection chats.

Anirudh S. (Refresh Android UI) – Dan Roundhill, Isaac
Mert Yazicioglu (WordPress Move) – Pete Mall, Brian Layman
Wojtek Szutnik (Enhanced emails) – Aaron Campbell, Justin

David Julia (Template Versioning) – Ocean90, Nacin, Koop
Jakub Tyrcha (Full-throttle Trac Annihilation) – Dion, duck_, scribu, Nacin
Marko Novakovic (Language Packs) – Nacin, Nikolay

Jacob Gillespie (File uploader Upgrade) – Koop, azaozz
Lukasz Koprowski (Threaded comments) – Westi, Koop
Mihai Chereji (Local Storage Drafts backup) – Filosofo, mitcho, azaozz and Koop

Ben Balter (Document Revisions) – Mitcho, duck_, Jorbin
Prasath Nadarajah (Extending WP Webservices) – Thorsten, Eric Mann
Stas Suscov ( – Jtrip, Jeremy Boggs

Again, if your assigned chat creates a schedule conflict, please comment no later than Saturday 22:00 UTC.