This week report for Courseware includes a detailed…

This week report for Courseware includes a detailed issues list I discussed with @clioweb, on what I’m going to work to get the Courseware project ready for Below I will try to explain most of the issues importance, and what made me accept those.

  • #45 : BuddyPress 1.3 compatibility (the project will use latest BuddyPress trunk, so It’s a must to make it compatible before the release comes out)
  • #32 : Course subpages (right now, a course doesn’t have subpages, we will need that to create a handbook alike course documentation)
  • #3   : Better assignments / Tests / Quizzes (this component will be used to automate tests/exams for attendees, a core feature of the platform)
  • #39 : Advanced reports for gradebook/class (a tool for “teachers”/admins to generate class stats and improve course content/attendees experience)
  • #44 : Assignments enable forum doesn’t show up (fix a small bug where only admins can enable forums)
  • #41 : Italian translation, “add a response” button is lost (fix a small bug where italian translation is broken somewhere)
  • #40 : link button in tinymce is not working… (this should be fixed along with subpages issue, to make use of internal page linking)
  • #30 : Latest assignments on course page (a small usability issue)
  • #29 : Allow assignment scheduling (like WordPress pages, assignments should be graded to automate a curricula workflow)
  • #19 : Add direct grading for responses (a tool for admins/teachers to avoid loading the whole gradebook and grade directly from assignment page)
  • #17 : Export gradebook (a low priority issue but easy to fix if  #39 gets fixed)
So far I have 11 issues to get fixed during the first 3 weeks of development. After what I will start working on issues like diploma/certification generation and a more integrated theme with already existent .org web-services.
Who wants to join us on further discussions, we can be found on IRC on #scholarpress or on #wordpress-gsoc channels, both on
For the next week, I will try to test again Courseware with BuddyPress and define a more detailed ToDo for the issue #45. There are also a couple of things I want to test up regarding security, like, right now “students” can upload files and I couldn’t find a way to hide other owner files from current “student” (but this was some time ago, and I should try again to find a workaround or write a patch for that).
All have a nice weekend!