Trac Annihilation – Week #1

For a few days I had so many mentors to get in touch with that I was a little confused about which one to talk to, but as the issue seems to be gone now, I made a few steps forward 🙂 I spoke to Andrew Nacin about my project and we agreed, that along with just submitting the patches, I will be updating the unit tests suite, to test both the pathes submited my me, and the one which were submitted earlier. I will be concentrating on core patching and testing, but if I see some interesting JS issues I won’t stick to my core tickets but I’ll go with it as well. Next week I hope to give the unit tests a solid test drive and have a detailed look on what’s already been done. As for the schedule, there will be probably a last-minute update related to the unit tests, we are still working on it so you will see what we decided in a few hours 😉