Weekly Update No. 1

Hello all, this is my first weekly update (probably a bit late, wasn’t sure if it was required or not)

Anyways, there isn’t a whole lot going on just now. Sunday I’ve had my first Skype chat with my mentors, and we decided that would be a weekly occurrence. (it makes sense to have it right before I have to do my update for the community).

We’ve established some ground work, they helped me clear up an action plan. I’d already thought of what a suitable first iteration would be, and I was thinking that maybe I could squeeze that out before the official coding period begins.

Expect a more in-depth post tomorrow on my development blog, containing some things I’ll need/want community feedback on, including some scope-related questions, but also a dependency related one (i. e. pro/con external library).

Other than that, I’ve been trying to get over the shock of being accepted and to clear out as much school work as possible before the hard work begins, so I could have more time when needed. I’ll be doing the same this week, but starting a more palpable design will also take place.

PS – Is it ok to post a link here when I write something on my dev blog that I would like feedback from people who aren’t subscribed to it?