Week 3 Instructions

Week 1: You wrote intros, and filled in your project pages (if you still haven’t done this, seriously, do it right now)

Week 2: You are talking about your scope and schedule with your mentors. You will update your project pages by Friday based on these discussions.

Week 3: We will be setting up an IRC chat for each of you to tell the dev community about your project, get feedback on any ideas you’re still considering, etc. Chats should be relatively short (15-30 minutes) in most cases, though if you have gotten a lot of people excite with your project, it may go longer. We’ll post a schedule next week; since most of the dev community is trained to attend the dev chats in IRC on Wednesdays, we will probably try to schedule most of the chats around the time period, but on different days.

For some people this will be an inconvenient time. That’s something we have to deal with in an open source project. If anyone is not able (vs it being inconvenient) to attend a chat around 16:00 UTC-ish, please leave a comment giving your schedule restrictions so we can try to schedule appropriately. Andrea will post a draft schedule here later this week to get everyone confirmed before we publish it on wpdevel on Friday. Once it’s published, people will follow the links back here to read about the projects, so make sure you have updated your page here based on the talks with your mentors by then.