Hi guys I’m David Julia I’m from Denver…

Hi guys! I’m David Julia. I’m from Denver, Colorado (UTC/GMT -7 hours). I’m 21 years old and am currently studying Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. I’ve been coding for about 5 years now, longer than that if you count various random stuff that I picked up on my own- I started off being very interested in the hardware end of things and then my interests quickly did a 180 as soon as I realized that software is where the fun is!

In my free time I like to cook, and try different restaurants, work out and train Brazilian Jiujitsu/Mixed Martial Arts as much as possible- I’m a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and actively compete in Brazilian Jiujitsu and submission grappling tournaments. My other main pass-time is embarrassing my friends by dancing like an idiot whenever We No Speak Americano comes on… it’s a compulsion (you’d be surprised what a time-sink this one is). Also I eat a fairly strict paleo/primal diet and try to stick to the Primal laws for health. On a related note, I’m heavy into logic as the basis for my beliefs and dabble in philosophy in my spare time.

I will be working on implementing template versioning in WordPress by developing an interface for various VCSs as well as a custom posted based plugin that implements this interface. The interface is meant to be implemented for any VCS desired including Git, Subversion, Mercurial, etc. I chose my project because while modifying the template for a wordpress site that I’m admin for, I found it to be very annoying not to have an integrated VCS when I wanted to make small changes to the template without using a separate workflow. That being said, I love WordPress! I love that it makes building a robust website SIMPLE – it’s a great CMS and blogging platform and I love the lean less is more + customization via plugins philosophy. Although I haven’t been using it for very long, it’s a very welcome relief from Drupal and all the crazy configuration involved with setting up a Drupal site, and I have become a raving WordPress fan!

On one last note, I just want to say that building really cool things that are actually useful to people is a passion of mine. It makes me feel all warm fuzzy and freaking excited to know that people are using my work and benefitting from it. So the chance to contribute to WordPress and to have a mentor to guide me through the process as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the support of the WordPress GSoC community has made me super amped, I’ve literally been happier and more energetic the past few days (and I’m not exactly a depressed and lethargic person!) just because I know that I’m going to be working on this over the summer!

And on one actual last note, I just wanted to point out that it blows my mind how an open source project can build up an online community- I just think it’s really freaking cool- web 2.0? this is the WORLD 2.0!