Hello, my name is Jakub Tyrcha and I live in Krakow, Poland (UTC+2 during the summer). I’m 20 years old and I study Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology. I have been programming for a few years now, and while I mostly concentrated on university projects and algorithm competitions, now is a great time to change it, thanks to Google Summer of Code. In my free time… I almost don’t have any free time – my studies take a lot of my time and when I have some left, I concentrate on programming. I enjoy listening to music and playing computer games.

I will be working on the Full Throttle Trac Annihilation project. The main goal is to fix many small issues, but the details are still under discussion – this year we will be trying to focus on getting as much patches tested and applied to the core as possible, so my work will not only consist of fixing tickets themselves, but also adjusting and evaluating unit tests to ensure that nothing breaks.