Hi, I’m Anirudh !

I am a 20-year old third year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering student of NIT Trichy from India (UTC +0530). I would be working on improving the existing WordPress Android App in aspects related to its UI. I chose this idea because I’ve been into Android App development for the past few months and I would enjoy improving WordPress’s existing Android App. Although, I have also been into Web development for the past few years, I have never had an opportunity to work on a WordPress project. Android is fun. WordPress if fun. Both together is lots of fun!

About Myself:

I started programming from the age of 11 and I love participating in Programming contests. I solve programming problems at SPOJ, Topcoder and Codechef but have been recently spending more time on developing rather than programming. Am an open source evangelist and hosted Pengufest 2011 in my college for spreading awareness about contributing to open source projects. I am the President-elect of my college’s technical club, Spider, where I spend most of my time discussing, conceptualizing and developing Web and Mobile related software with other members. My hobbies include Vocal Carnatic music, Mirudangam, Flute and Chess.

You can check me out on my WordPress blog or can follow me on Twitter.