Introduction to Marko Novaković

Hi everyone!

My name is Marko Novaković, I am 26 years old and I live in Belgrade, Serbia (UTC+2). I am studying a master course in the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Computer Science department. I have had experience in commercial and academic projects. I worked for one local company NPS as an ERP developer, solution Microsoft Dynamics AX. I have also a lot of honorary jobs, such as a WP plugin developer for Prelovac Media. I wrote the plugin WP Quick Deploy and I am writing two premium plugins now. I participated in two academic European FP7 projects ARTreat and ProSense.

I knew for Summer of Code program of my friend Goran Rakić, who participated some year before 2008. In 2008 I made the proposal for Apache Software Foundation, project Hadoop, but I was rejected. In 2010 I began to learn and work with WordPress and met Vladimir Prelovac, who encourage me to write plugins. I also worked the website for one local TV in WP, and I have a lot of challenges to localize it, because there are a lot of plugin which are not localized. That was one of biggest reason why I choose Language Packs as my project.

I prefer health lifestyle, so my hobbies are macrobiotic cooking, Chi Kung and sports. One of reason why I chose WordPress is because I would like to have multi language blog about macrobiotics, Chi Kung and other similar disciplines.