Hello everyone I’m Mert Yazicioglu from Ankara Turkey…

Hello everyone, I’m Mert Yazicioglu from Ankara, Turkey (UTC +03:00). I am 19 years old and studying Computer Technology and Information Systems at Bilkent University for a B.S. degree. Even though this was my first year at the university, I’ve been into programming since I was 8 and web programming since I was 12. For the last two years, I have been developing my own framework and some applications working on it (CMS etc.). However, recently I realized it has some weak points that should be taken care of, so its development is kind of on hold at the moment.

I always admired WordPress’ success but never had a chance to do something useful to the community. Thankfully, I now have the chance to contribute to it with a pretty useful and necessary project, in my opinion. My project is called WordPress Move, which will be a straightforward but also a feature-rich project that fits every kinds of installations just fine and makes the whole migration process a piece of cake for everyone. It will only require installing a plugin on the current WordPress installation and providing some necessary information (FTP details etc.). This tool will help the user migrate to another server or change the domain name of the current installation easily. You can find my full proposal here.

You can add me as a friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or email me. I’m glad to be a part of a great project and can’t wait to start developing for this huge community!

Congratulations everyone!